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  • Project on Exam Scheduling System, Date: 22-02-16

  • Presentation Slide for Exam Scheduling System, Doc Type: Power Point Date: 22-02-16

  • Abstract:

  • Examination scheduling or planning is a very crucial activity for any education and training institutes to conduct end-of-term examination which helps to optimize use of campuses rooms, time slot and total exam duration. Currently most of institutes including AUB are doing their exam schedule manually which is COSTLY and ERROR-PRONE. Exam course overlapping, which means a student has more than one exam schedule in a certain time period, is a frequent incident for a term exam routine which is very challenging to avoid in manual scheduling. Manual exam scheduling requires long time and high amount of effort to produce.

    Propose an automated exam scheduling system which enables to: 
    1) Optimize exam load 
    2) Reduce costs 
    3) Minimize exam duration period 
    4) Generate exam routine at any moment and 
    5) Avoid overlapping.

  • Project on Online Examination System

  • Abstract:

  • This document is meant for describing all the features and procedures that were followed while developing the system. This document specially mentions the details of the project how it was developed, the primary requirement, as well as various features and functionalities of the project and the procedures followed in achieving these objectives. Online Examination System forms the lifeline of the Educational Institutes to the functioning of the Examination. It is very essential for an Institute to handle the Examinations and their results. It is very useful for an Institute to test its students continuously for their mutual development. This system is helpful for conducting (M.C) Multiple Choice Examinations which can be conducted regularly as well as for surprise tests and provides immediate results saving the precious time of faculties to check the papers and prepare mark sheets.

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    online examination system

    Propose an automated online examination system:

    Online Examination System fulfills the requirements of the institutes to conduct the exams online. They do not have to go to any software developer to make a separate site for being able to conduct exams online. They just have to register on the site and enter the exam details and the lists of the students which can appear in the exam. Students can give exam without the need of going to any physical destination. They can view the result at the same time. Thus the purpose of the site is to provide a system that saves the efforts and time of both the institutes and the students.

  • Presentation Slide on School Management System

  • Abstract:

    Systematic one solution is essential for all school. Because a school has a many classes for the maintenance of school information and student database in any institution. All these classes provide various records regarding students. Most of the track records need to maintain information about the student. This information could be the general details like student personal information performance etc or specific information related to class like collection of data. They are maintained manually. So they need to be automated and centralized modules .We will provide more ease for managing the data than manually maintaining in the documents our works in useful for saving valuable time and reduces the huge paper work.

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    school management system