Online School Management System
Supervisor Name: Ashraful Islam Juwel
Lecturer of
Asian University of Bangladesh
Submitted By:
Bikash Chandra Sutrodhor ID 201410108
Md. Kobir Ahmmad ID 201411044
Sumonto Kumer Ghosh ID 201410848
Md. Jahinur Rahman ID 201410557
Nur Mohammed Zahidi ID 201411168
Student of Asian University of Bangladesh
Systematic one solution is essential for all school. Because a school has a many
classes for the maintenance of school information and student database in any
institution. All these classes provide various records regarding students. Most of
the track records need to maintain information about the student. This information
could be the general details like student personal information performance etc or
specific information related to class like collection of data. They are maintained
manually. So they need to be automated and centralized modules .We will provide
more ease for managing the data than manually maintaining in the documents our
works in useful for saving valuable time and reduces the huge paper work.
A School Management system is a large database system which can be
used for managing school’s daily works
It is multi-user system and can be used by hundreds of users at a time
Generally speaking , it is platform available for running on a local area
networks (LAN)
In this project School Management System used to manage the student,
Teacher & office staff Information .
School management System will organize work inside School and proposed
system will do the following tasks:
Insert students information .
Insert employee’s information
Insert marks for each student
View Student Result
View Student Attendance
View Student personal Information
View Employee Personal information
View School Income and cost
Processor Pentium-4 or higher
Processor Speed 550 MHZ or Higher
Hard Disk Space 4.76 GB (min.)
Physical memory (RAM) 1 GB minimum
Operating System : Windows XP/7/8/10
Database: Oracle 10g
Developing Software: Oracle Developer Suit 10g
Spiral model is a combination of sequential and prototype model.
This model is best used for large projects which involves
continuous enhancements.
SPIRAL MODEL (methodology)
A spiral model has 4 phases
such as
Customer Communication
Risk Analysis
Constriction & Release
System Evaluation
We analyze Faridahbad High School“school management system. we found
Below existing system :
This school current system is totally works manually.
All the details of the student are maintained in a single record.
Present System Require much man power
much cost
hard to operate and maintain.
The existing system is paper based.
In the present system report generation become very difficult.
Proposed System It is automated computerized web based software system.
It uses latest technologies like Oracle Developer Suit and ORACLE Database.
It is easy to operate.
Attractive User Interface
Easy to handle and feasible
Cost Reduction
Fast and Convenient
Online School management Schema Design
E-R Diagram of Online School Management
Scheduling Chart
Month-1 Month-2 Month-3
01. Analysis
1.1 Analysis Existing System
1.2 Analysis Propose System
1.3 Questionaries
1.4 Answer Feedback
02. Design
2.1 Data Design
2.2 Data Set
2.3 Stored Data
2.4 Schema Design
2.5 Cardinality Design
2.6 E
-R Diagram
2.7 Context Flow Diagram
2.8 Data Flow Diagram
03. Coding
04. Testing
05. Implementation
Risk analysis is the review of the risks associated with a particular event or action.
It is applied to projects, information technology, security issues and any action.
Risk analysis is a component of risk management.
Design Risk: This school management system remain some design risk which will
create problem future.
Programming Risk: This software coding remain some complexity.
Re-engineering Risk: This software remain some feature which on doing re-
engineering is not possible.
Cost Risk: This software remain some financial risk.
Cost Risk Divided into 3 part there are
Hardware and Internet Cost
Software Cost
Manpower Cost
Re Engineering Consists the Below Steps
Cost Factors
Data Storage Requirements
New Technology Trends
Dash Board
Entry Form
Student ID List Search
Student Admission ID Class wise
Subject Adding Form
Teacher Information Entry
Teacher ID Report
Student Payment Form
Marks Distribution form
Student Result
Student Result
Database Backup
Database Backup
Software System is the best system for make decision and show the short
time result. Therefore we should make decision for received update
technology at the right time and for the right reasons